Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Join the “Track Backers” Club To Help Finish The Track and to Provide Locker Rooms, Concession Stand, and Restrooms For Our Teams

Boardman Boosters Track Alumni BrochurePROOF

The “Track Backers” Club was launched last summer by Denise Gorski, former Boardman girls head track coach and currently the Boardman athletic director.  After recent extensive researching of all girls track alumni since 1973, there are approximately 900 former girls track alumni. Gorski commented, “We are re-launching the “Track Backers” to help us finish Phase 3 of the Stadium Project.  Phase 3 includes the renovation and resurfacing of the track.  It also includes a third building that will include restrooms, a concession stand, and locker rooms for our girls and boys track teams, cross-country teams, soccer teams, tennis teams, and football team on game nights.”

Gorski continued, “Right now we are renovating and resurfacing the track.  But we still need financial help to complete it and to construct this third building for our teams.  I am reaching out to all track alumni, men and women and their parents, to help us finish this outstanding stadium complex led by the Boardman Booster Club and the Boardman Stadium Core Committee.  We need to get to the finish line of this entire project by the start of the 2018-19 school year.”

A “Track Backers” brochure is included in this article.  If able, send your donation to Denise Gorski at 7777 Glenwood Avenue, Boardman, Ohio 44512.  And please spread the word by reaching out to as many track alumni as you can.  GO SPARTANS.