Multiple Teams · Spartan Wrestlers Host Their First Home Match of The Season Defeating Lakeside In a Tri-Match With Beaver Local

WRESTLING TEAMThe Spartan wrestling team hosted their first home match of the season in a tri-match with Lakeside and Beaver Local.  The Spartans defeated Lakeside 63-12 but lost to a strong Beaver Local squad by a score of 49-21.  The individual results are listed below.

Boardman (BOAR) 63.00 Lakeside (LAKE) 12.00

106: nicholas esmail (BOAR) over (LAKE) (For.) 113: Kyle Berardi (BOAR) over Darian Cowles (LAKE) (Fall 1:33) 120: Derek Slipkovich (BOAR) over John Martinez (LAKE) (Fall 1:22) 126: Anthony Baglama (BOAR) over Brendan Chess (LAKE) (Dec 8-4) 132: Cade Pollak (BOAR) over Andrew Kangas (LAKE) (Fall 3:01) 138: Mike Decamillo (LAKE) over (BOAR) (For.) 145: John Fleet (BOAR) over (LAKE) (For.) 152: Kelley Williams (BOAR) over (LAKE) (For.) 160: Kareem Hamden (BOAR) over (LAKE) (For.) 170: Nick Leonardo (BOAR) over (LAKE) (For.) 182: Michael O’Horo (BOAR) over Spencer Loftus (LAKE) (Fall 3:24) 195: Carlo DeNiro (BOAR) over Savion Keyes (LAKE) (Fall 1:59) 220: Parker Meaney (LAKE) over Alex King (BOAR) (Dec 11-4) 285: Luciano Cunningham (LAKE) over Nick Caraballo (BOAR) (Dec 5-2)

Beaver Local (BELO) 49.00 Boardman (BOAR) 21.00

106: (BELO) over nicholas esmail (BOAR) (Fall 1:47) 113: Kyle Berardi (BOAR) over Dominic Perozzi (BELO) (Dec 7-1) 120: Skyler Lasure (BELO) over Kyle Berardi (BOAR) (Fall 3:35) 126: Damien Emmert (BELO) over Anthony Baglama (BOAR) (Fall 5:22) 132: Quinton Bookman (BELO) over Cade Pollak (BOAR) (Fall 0:46) 138: Noah Smith (BELO) over (BOAR) (For.) 145: John Fleet (BOAR) over Jared Wright (BELO) (Dec 14-9) 152: Beau Smith (BELO) over Kelley Williams (BOAR) (MD 18-5) 160: Josh Speelman (BELO) over Kareem Hamden (BOAR) (Fall 1:39) 170: Michael O`Horo (BOAR) over Steven Wukutich (BELO) (Fall 1:40) 182: Carlo DeNiro (BOAR) over Daniel Wirth (BELO) (Fall 2:00) 195: Chad Mays (BELO) over Alex King (BOAR) (Dec 9-3) 220: Garrett Givens (BELO) over (BOAR) (For.) 285: Nick Caraballo (BOAR) over Jacob Morgan (BELO) (SV-1 3-1)